About Us

31 Day Training Experience - $85


- Unlimited Small Group Training

- Once/Week True Strength Training

- Individualized Consultation

- Movement Screen and Assessment

- Customized body composition testing

Why Train with us?

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Fitness is failing you. We're here to fix that. 

We provide accountability, flexible time slots, affordability, and a family and tribe to help take you to the unicorn wonderland



We don't sell sessions, we sell solutions. We have flexible training packages that will fit your schedule no matter how crazy it is. Young or old, retired athlete or veteran couch potato we have something to help make dreams into reality

31 day Training Experience!

Test Drive the System, Jump start your goals

Unlimited Small Group Training

Once/Week Semi- Private Training (Strength Training)

Individualized Consultation

Nutrition Consultation

Movement Screen and Assessment

Customized Body Composition Testing

The 31 Day Experience is fully customized to you. We'll create a customized plan that will be integrated into all of your workouts. It's basically dirt cheap personal training with a bunch of awesome people around to keep you accountable. Find your strength, jumpstart your weight loss , and test drive the system. We know how well it works, but want you to have an affordable way for us to prove it to you!


Why Train with us?

“Fitness” is failing you.  If you’re like us, you don’t want to go to another group class where no one knows your name. You’re sick of seeing and trying the next new fad diets. You’re in pain thinking of more workouts that make your joints hurt and publicly wet yourself, and you’re over constantly being told it’s your fault you can’t do it. 

We are basically the opposite of that. BRelentless is our culture, our beliefs, and our relentless pursuit of helping your dreams turn into reality. We are here to FIX health and performance. We care about you.  We don’t break you down. We build you up.

It won’t be easy, you’ll fail at times and so will we, but together we will help fuel the relentless drive to dominate life in and outside of the gym. 

Our Mission / Values

Our Mission:

We are devoted to the relentless pursuit of making dreams into reality. Empowering and transforming participants through our systems, values, and culture. 


We created this company with the sole purpose of fixing health, fitness, and sports performance. We do so through five primary components.

  • To create an environment where time, money, and accountability are no longer the limiting factors in one’s personal greatness
  • A culture of awesome. Where embracing your weird is the norm
  • Ever changing, never complacent, and  seamless
  • Attention to Detail, Coaching with a Purpose, and Names instead of Numbers
  • We actually give a shit (understanding, relating, people first)

Spark Notes Version: Our belief in you is greater than your doubt in yourself!



Our training options utilize a tier system to ensure you get what you need. They're commitment based, to ensure you're actually successful.  We don't sell sessions, we sell a solution. Whether your goal is simply to be pain free, look better naked, mitigate your weekend, or run your first ironman we have a package for you. 

Small Group Training (SGT) Definition


Groups of 10-15 individuals working with a coach, who is there to help with technique, provide feedback and motivation! Workouts can be individualized and modified based on need. Themed classes like Dragon, Ninja, and KRossFit. The theme is just so there isn't monotony and because it sounds cool. They're all basically the same with some small twists - burn calories and make your heart and lungs strong in super fun ways. 

Semi-Private Training (SPT) Definition


Looking for more individualized attention and more specific programming to meet your goals? In semi-private training one of our coaches will lead 4-6 participants through a structured and carefully planned workout. Lift heavy stuff, throw medicine balls, and prevent injuries. Perfect for those who:

  • Prefer a smaller setting
  • Benefit from more focused coaching
  • Just getting back to exercise
  • Need modifications due to an injury or surgery
  • Need STRENGTH, added to their routine!
  • Want to speed up their results