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"Our Belief Is Greater Than Your Doubt"

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We are devoted to the relentless pursuit of making dreams into reality. Empowering and transforming participants through our systems, values, and culture. 

our services


BRelentless provides fitness training and coaching for those looking to improve their health, for weight loss, or any fitness goal, as well as change their lifestyle. We also provide sports performance training for athletes, adaptive training for those with disabilities, and partner with the best physical therapists around to provide the most integrated training experience possible.

our experience


Our coaches have over 10+ years in the health, fitness, and performance profession. Not only do we have the certifications and advanced schooling necessary for your success, we have built and perfected our systems over the past four years in the Peoria area. Our logo has changed... our mission remains the same. 


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How can we help? Ready to get started? Drop us a message and let's make magic happen. If you're leaving a negative comment card or making a pre-deposit for the swear jar please talk to Lawrence. It's always his fault. 


1050 West Jefferson Street, Morton, Illinois 61550, United States

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We have training from 5:30am-7pm. To set up a free consultation with one of our certified and experienced staff members shoot us a message with your availability!