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Justin Bolkema


Justin has been working in the health and fitness industry for over 15+ years. He obtained his bachelors degree at Simpson College and his Masters in Human Performance at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. Throughout his professional experience he has worked in the middle school - Division 1 SEC settings in sports performance, as well as with professional level athletes. He has also worked in a variety of settings helping general population clients live pain free and maximize their goals. 

Most recently Justin served as the Training Coordinator at the Riverplex in Peoria, Illinois. After creating the sports performance program there as well as the training options for other populations, he watched The Greatest Show on repeat for a week straight and decided to take these services on the road. 

His spirit animal is a husky, because he firmly believes in a pack mentality and likes jumping on furniture. 

Lawrence Hardin


Lawrence’s background in high competition sports drove his love to teach performance. Lawrence has multiple attributes for athletics. As a Lincoln College Athlete, he won NJCAA 3rd place in high jump with a personal best of 7’5”. At WIU Lawrence broke the school record and many track records as a high jumper. Being in the weight room directly influenced by jumping abilities. Lawrence finished his career at one of the top 25 high jumpers in the nation at 7’5” ¾. Now he has been focusing his efforts to developing athletes and working with many different populations to assist them to reach their goals. 

Lawrence’s clients love the fun and excitement he brings to every training session. Lawrence’s training style is built around understanding who you are and applying the right amount of kick butt training. Lawrence isn’t just a coach, he works to decrease pain and increase quality of life. “I want to help people become their best self.”


Lawrence has 2 spirit animals. The Bear & Fox as a Bear Lawrence is a bold and fearless leader and strives to be in control of his own destiny. As a Fox Lawrence is a resourceful and energetic about things they are passionate about and will learn everything about their passion until they become proficient at it.



Jess is a certified personal trainer through ACE as well as a Registered Dietitian. She has been working alongside Justin coaching sports performance, small group, and semi private trainings for 3 years. Jess has a passion for coaching individuals of all skill levels and backgrounds and her goal is to help as many people as possible feel confident, strong, and happy in their lives.

Jess completed her undergraduate degree at Bradley University with a degree in dietetics and her dietetic internship at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria, IL where she now works as a clinical Registered Dietitian. Her philosophy as a dietitian is to promote a Health at Every Size approach and help individuals learn that health comes in many shapes and sizes. She believes that health is not a set weight or size, but rather is multifaceted and is determined by habits and behaviors. 

She has a passion for helping individuals see beyond the number on the scale to determine their worth and happiness. She believes that everyone deserves to practice health behaviors and to feel confident and happy no matter their shape or size. Jess hopes to help everyone she works with see that they are so much more than a pant size or a number on the scale.  

Evan Kuhl


Evan is a Bradley University graduate who is currently in graduate school to pursue his Doctorate of Physical Therapy, and is in his final year of school. Evan’s experience ranges from coaching younger kids, high school athletes, general population, and even specialized training for specific populations including those with spinal cord injuries and previous surgeries. 

Throughout Evan’s years of coaching he has had the opportunity to manage a large range of client’s goals from losing weight to improving athletic performance, and strength training to avoid injury. With a background in Physical Therapy he has been able to utilize his skillset to help those who may be in pain, or are unsure how to go about training, and help them along their path; showing them that there is a way that they can reach towards their goals, regardless of circumstances or what someone has told them, and that he is there to help guide them. 

Outside of coaching, Evan tends to get bored easily with activities and has competed in natural bodybuilding, Ironman triathlons, and is an avid outdoor enthusiast with an activity list too long to write on here. Evan likes to play 90’s punk rock music, slam medicine balls, and make sure that you’re workout is one that you leave feeling better than when you started. You won’t come to a workout without a motivational quote, talk, and a life discussion at the end.

His spirit animal is a Bear, because he can always be found out wandering the forest or eating, is very protective of his group (it’s technically called a sleuth), and prefers to hibernate during the cold months and avoid the winter.

Colby White

I was born and raised in SLC, UT and graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Kinesiology. I’m currently a DPT student at Bradley University. My coaching experience is in functional movements, strength training and bodybuilding. 

I enjoy skiing (not much around here), hiking (also not much around her), and anything related to fitness. I’m also a huge foodie and I enjoy long, late night walks to the refrigerator. I’m on a quest for  the worlds greatest peanut butter!”

Brittany Robinson

Brittany is still working on her bio, but for now just know that she is a DPT student at Bradley, likes lifting heavy stuff, loves working with many populations and also coaches tumbling!

Grayson Messenger

Grayson is still working on her bio... but for now we can tell you she started as an intern, now she's here. She competes in Olympic lifting and is super good at it. Her form is so good you'll get annoyed, but her heart is so big you'll get over it quickly.